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Lasik Eye Corrective Surgery Payment Plan

Finding the right doctor is the key to a great experience through out this process. It boasts the most complete array of corneal imaging systems, including the AstraMax, the world’s first 3-D corneal mapping system, and the Pentacam, Orbscan, Humphrey Atlas, Tomey, and EyeSys corneal mapping systems, as well as the Visante imaging system.

WVI also has both the WaveScan wavefront measuring system and Tracy wavefront topography combined system to measure imperfections within the vision of each eye. As we age our eye’s natural lens begins to cloud, resulting in blurry vision. This clouding of the lens is called a cataract.

Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery

The price of LASIK can range anywhere from $499 per eye to $2,500 per eye. A question you may ask yourself is “Am I a good candidate for LASIK?”

The majority of nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic people over the age of 18 are potential candidates for Lasik Vision Eye Correction .

There are several types of Lasik Technology available; Intralaser ® Lasik, which takes away the need for hand held blades that has made people nervous in the past. And there’s Allegreto Wave ® Lasik.

It carefully monitors both of the eye movements and the intensity and location of the laser beam, if the treatment plan is compramised it will automatically shut down. Many patients have been considering LASIK for a long time, but various worries about its safety have kept them from undergoing the procedure.

Lasik Eye Surgery has been around and performed for over 20 years. It has proven up todate to be one of the most safest and very effective proceedures in the Eye Correction Health Industry.

Laser-assisted Intacs : Keratoconus is a corneal disease leading to vision loss. Historically, the options for patients with keratoconus were limited to gas permeable hard contacts and corneal transplantation. Laser Eye surgery can correct your vision to the point where eyeglasses aren’t needed any longer, which is the whole purpose to undergo eye surgery, right.

Laser surgery is not taken place in some grubby Hospital or you have loads of people walking in and out of your dorm. Instead you are comforted by a doctor’s office or eye clinic where your Eye Surgery will be performed. Before the surgery, your ophthalmologist will either dilate your pupil and or apply drops to numb the eye as aposed to sticking a 1-3 inch needle in your eye back in the earlier days of Eye Corrective Surgery.